How to clean this plush?

To maintain the look and feel of our plush, we always recommend our customer to only surface clean our product. To surface clean your plush, you would need a damp cloth and a brush specifically for plush only and here is how:

  1. Rub the surface of the plush lightly with the damp cloth to clean off any dust, food crumbs, pet hair, etc. in the plush
  2. Gently brush (using preferably a brush that specifically used for plush, to prevent transfer of human hair product) to fluff any flattened fabric.

For extra care,

  1. Alternatively, you can also use a tiny dot of soap (scented or unscented depending upon your own preferences) in a damp cloth and rub the surface of the plush lightly with it to clean the plush.
  2. Clean the slightly soaped surface with a clean damp cloth (without soap) to remove the soap.